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Plein Air studies importance

It's nice and sunny outside which means it's the perfect time to do some plein air sketches and studies! The French term 'plein air' means out of doors and refers to the practice of painting entire finished pictures out of doors. I believe it is crucial for artists of all levels to go outside and do sketches and studies in nature for several reasons: Observation and Perception. Nature provides a vast array of subjects, landscapes, and organic forms that can enhance our observational and perceptual skills. By sketching or studying nature, artists can closely observe the intricacies of the natural world, such as the play of light and shadow, the textures and patterns, the colors and shapes. This deep observation helps train the our eyes to...

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Most common mistakes beginners in watercolour make and how to avoid them

Watercolour is an exciting medium that allows us create paintings which are subtle and delicate as well as bold and dramatic. It has a freshness and vitality which comes with spontaneous effects and the way we apply layers of paint. However, it also demands a great deal of control, understanding of paper and brush properties. Over the years of teaching watercolour painting, I notice my students  make very similar mistakes at the beginning: Not understanding the properties of watercolor paint. Watercolour paint behaves differently than other types of paints, and beginners may not understand how to work with its unique properties, such as its transparency, granulation, and staining qualities. Using too much water. Beginners may use too much water when mixing...

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Tips for buyers to choose the right art for their home

Here are a few tips for buyers to choose the right art for their home: Consider your personal style and taste: Choose artwork that speaks to your personal style and taste. This will ensure that the artwork will complement your existing decor and that you will enjoy looking at it for years to come. Think about the room where the art will be displayed: Consider the room where the art will be displayed, and choose artwork that will complement the style and color scheme of the room. Consider the size and placement of the artwork: Think about the size and placement of the artwork. Make sure that the artwork is the right size for the space and that it will...

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