FREE Online Demo with OPUS - Feb 9, 11 am - 12:30 pm (PST)

I'm thrilled to present my watercolour demo with OPUS!

"Misty Bear" - Mountain tops jutting skyward of the fog is a beautiful sight, but don’t forget – what’s clouded by the fog is shrouded in mystery. This animal spirit encourages you to lead others and guide them, as its meaning is to inspire those around you and stay true to yourself.

Let's walk deep into the mystical world of nature and paint a unique Bear in Elena Markelova’s signature double-exposure style. Elena will show you how to combine a portrait of the Bear with a misty mountain scenery of its natural habitat using basic and advanced watercolour techniques and some of Elena’s favourite tricks to add more life and movement to the painting.

Arches Watercolour Paper, Cold Press, 300 Gsm

Opus Essential Watercolours:  Hooker’s Green Dark, Phthalo Blue, Payne’s Gray, Perylene Green

Watercolour Brushes:  Round(s), Mop, Rigger or Script Liner


It's free and open worldwide! Please register here

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