SOLO SHOW "Seasons of Life" at Timms Community Centre, March 16 - April 25

Elena Markelova Seasons of Life exhibition poster

Timms Community Centre / The Langley Arts Council
20399 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC V3A 4B3
Open Daily
Live Demos - 11 am - 2 pm on Sundays March 20th, March 27th. Please follow me on Instagram for details and updates.

The Seasons of Life are the transitions we go through regularly, they impact our mindset and actions, they are an integral part of life on Earth. They also draw a connective bridge between the seemingly simple events in our daily lives and the greater universal ones. It's important to stop once in a while to reflect on yourself and your progress and to make necessary changes for a more fulfilling life.
This collection of paintings will help to guide you through four seasons, look inside of you and enhance your feelings of peace, abundance and purpose. Enjoy it!


The light begins to shine brightly once more, animals emerge once again, and plants and flowers “spring” into bloom. At this time of year, everything enters a state of renewal.
The sun nourishes us and sustains life beats down on the Earth fiercely, providing us with the perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Life is an open book, with adventures waiting around every corner.
This is nature’s one last hoorah before fading away into winter, like the golden age before death. The colors around us change to beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow as plants begin to fade away. Animals start to stock up for the winter, fall is the moment of truth.
Cold and dark, this is the time that much of the natural world goes into hibernation. This is a period to meditate and calm your mind. Throughout the winter, remember that spring is just around the corner so do not lose hope!

The seasons’ symbols ground us when life becomes overwhelming. They remind us that nothing is exempt from the universe’s cyclical nature. Everything shall pass and be renewed once more!

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